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With ever-changing healthcare infrastructures and spiraling costs, today more than ever, it is imperative that healthcare managers streamline their operations to ensure a profit!  Equipment outlay and maintenance costs are enormous!  Protecting that investment is imperative!  This is where Innovative X-Ray Services (IXS) will help!  Whether your needs require a dedicated service organization to assist you in keeping your equipment in good working condition…or you have the need for additional equipment, Innovative X-Ray Services (IXS) stand ready to meet your needs!

In an effort to redefine the term ‘service’, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you and demonstrate the ‘Innovative’ difference.

We offer:
  Basic PM Service for your imaging and biomedical needs
  Full-Service Contracts for your imaging and biomedical needs
  Sales (Imaging and Biomedical)
  Financing Options

Serving the greater Houston-metro area and more!

Contact us today!

Last Modified on Sep. 2, 2008


Soon to be DOTMED certified!

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